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For a wonderfully rejuvenating massage, deep tissue and deep relax massage, Thai bodywork or Reflexology we work together with Carin.

Let us know if you want a session, we make an appointment with Carin and she will come to your suite at La Perla de Frigiliana to provide your therapy.

Carin is also available for Yoga Pilates and fitness sessions.

(The rate is  €70 an hour and €90 for 90 minutes.)


For Reiki sessions we work with Dee.  

Dee works as a Mentor to Agents on a Mental Health helpline and gives in-person consultations and Reiki sessions. This helps guide people to a state of deep relaxation conducive to healing.
If you would like to try a Reiki session please let us know and we will make an appointment with Dee. She will come to your suite at La Perla de Frigiliana to provide your session.

(The rate is  €70 an hour.)


Are you an avid golfer? 

The closest golf course to La Perla de Frigiliana is Baviera golf (20 km). Baviera golf is a gorgeous 18 hole golf course with all you need for the perfect day, a club house, pro shop and restaurant.

For further information and reservations: 


  • REIKI is Japanese energy healing that is considered an alternative medicine.

  • A Reiki practitioner uses gentle hand movements with the intention of guiding the healthy flow of life force energy through a client's body to reduce stress and promote healing.

  • There's evidence it can reduce daily stress and help with management of some chronic diseases and more.

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